Purchase management involves managing the external resources of the company. Knauff Supply Support is able to support the purchasing process in many areas; developing the purchasing strategy, stakeholder management to put more emphasis on purchasing, make or buy decisions, tactical purchasing (inventory, specification and selection) and extra capacity within the operational purchasing (ordering, monitoring and aftercare).

Contract management

To continuously achieve better performance (and lower risks) for the suppliers, it is important to capture the current agreements clearly and transparently. Knauff Supply Solutions is able to make an inventory and perform a gap analysis. The gained input serves as a basis for the negotiation of renewed agreements. Contract management is also a basis for generating management reports.

Customer logistics optimization

The customer, of course, has a central role, as the customer is king. But not every customer is aware of the possibilities of his supplier. By only meeting the (logistical) requirements of the customers can leave many possibilities, such as delivery time reduction and stock reduction, unused. With the experience in sales and production at Knauff Supply Solutions insights are gained in order to improve delivery performances.

Project management

Do you have an issue that requires project management? With the experience of Knauff Supply Solutions we get to the point quickly. We make clear in advance what the results will be which we are working towards and what we will do. The planning and budget are transparent from the start. During the project we will provide insight into the timeline and the use of the budget. Within the completion of each phase, we secure that we are on the right track by a status overview.

Process optimization & implementation

We want to establish our organization in such a manner that we can guarantee, or at least offer a high degree of certainty, that the products meet the agreed specifications. Not just once, but every time. Not one product, but all products. Working with processes is an important condition to be able to guarantee (delivery) reliability. Not to mention at the lowest cost. Knauff Supply Solutions contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes by the actual implementation of the optimizations.

(Key) Account management

With the sales experience of Knauff Supply Solutions, support can be offered to the strategic use of resources to maintain and improve the relationship between company and client in order to create a so-called win-win situation. In addition to being the first point of contact and maintaining the relationship with existing customers, we can also take care of the acquisitions if desired. For example, by approaching potential customers and given presentations about products and services as well as making proposals about new possibilities.